POLYCOL (PVA Compound)
 Cold Setting Sealant

POLYCOL is a polyvinyl acetate based coldsetting single component formulation recommended for pasting of perforated outer bodies, filter paper end pleats sealing and various other paper-to-paper applications.

Available in 5kg, 25kg and 200kg capacity drum packing.

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Products Range
Polyfill :- Railway Locomotive Applications || HVAC Filters || Hydraulic Filters || Automotive Filters || Gas Turbines Filters || Defence Applications
Polymac :- Filter Manufacturing Equipment || Filter Testing & Quality Control Equipment
Polychem :- Polybond || Polycol || Polysol || PolyDite || Polythane || Polyrez
Polypa :- Filter Papers || Impregnated Filter Paper Pleated Packs & Strips
Polycomp :- End Caps || Rubber Components

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