About Us
Company’s Vision
To fulfill the filtration related needs of our customers
by providing superior quality products at competitive
prices through continuous improvement in services
and performance of products.

Corporate Information
Polymer Papers Limited is a Public Limited Company,
incorporated in1974, having its Registered Office at
New Delhi, capital of India. It has got its
manufacturing facilities in northern India at Faridabad,
Haryana and Muzaffarnagar, UP and third one is situated
at western part of India. It has got a continuous upstream growth rate for past several years. Company is headed by Managing Director under the superintendence of a broad based Board of Directors comprising of eminent bankers, civil servants, lawyers and technocrats. The day-to-day activities are managed by professionals of their respective fields. We have 180 dedicated and energetic employees with 83 staff members of various levels. For better control and quality services to our activities with following product wise divisions:

1. Filter Paper Division
2. Engineering Division
3. Filter Division
4. Chemical Division
5. Environmental Services DivisionFilter Paper Division

Polymer Paper Ltd. is one of the largest filter paper manufacturer in this region. The unique part is that we are the only filter paper manufacturer in Asia who has got its own base paper as well as impregnation (saturation processing facility). Polypa base a saturated range of product covers a spectrum of a variety of cellulose base media ranging from grammages of 92 to 250. The base paper are processed and manufactured from a variety of pulps imported from reputed international sources. The company has also developed and established in India a special application cotton linter pulps blends of filter paper has also 100% cotton linter pulps base paper crepe. A variety of crepe grades of fuel application filter paper have also developed by us. The company has undertaken a project by importing machineries of paper plant from Germany to augment present capacity as well as processing speciality filter paper at a new site, which is under the construction.We are one of the largest filter paper manufacturer and supplier to Indian Rail Road for their filters used in locomotives. Besides the rail road application our filter papers are used for all the vehicle manufacturer in India through different filter manufacturers


Products Range
Polyfill :- Railway Locomotive Applications || HVAC Filters || Hydraulic Filters || Automotive Filters || Gas Turbines Filters || Defence Applications
Polymac :- Filter Manufacturing Equipment || Filter Testing & Quality Control Equipment
Polychem :- Polybond || Polycol || Polysol || PolyDite || Polythane || Polyrez
Polypa :- Filter Papers || Impregnated Filter Paper Pleated Packs & Strips
Polycomp :- End Caps || Rubber Components

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