Filter Manufacturing Equipment
Adhesive Dispensers
These Adhesive Dispensers are recommended for dispensing single component formulations like adhesives/plastisols. The dispenser operate pneumatically and can dispense a measured quality of fluid range from 2cm3 to 500cm3, the required range has however to be specified.
The dispenser arrangement also provides for Rotating table particularly for larger size filter and large volume dispensing which results in uniform layer application.

Special Requirements
Twin Component dispensers can be offered on specific request.
Products Range
Polyfill :- Railway Locomotive Applications || HVAC Filters || Hydraulic Filters || Automotive Filters || Gas Turbines Filters || Defence Applications
Polymac :- Filter Manufacturing Equipment || Filter Testing & Quality Control Equipment
Polychem :- Polybond || Polycol || Polysol || PolyDite || Polythane || Polyrez
Polypa :- Filter Papers || Impregnated Filter Paper Pleated Packs & Strips
Polycomp :- End Caps || Rubber Components

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